The Essence of Suavis


Your desired fluffy and ready to blink feather-like lashes will soon be tailored. Eyelash stylist will remark your eyelash condition and discuss the styles, length, thickness and curvature with reference to the customer questionnaire. Check out our delicate wings of fashion and pick the best fit for your gorgeous eyes.


Be seated and let's get started! Deep cleansing will be carried out to remove dirt and oil prior to extension process. Eye masks will be placed to separate upper and lower eyelashes to prepare for the treatment. Our elite grade tweezers are ready to bond the premium extensions with your natural eyelashes with our carefully selected adhesives.


Stylist will meticulously apply one or multiple extensions onto each of your natural eyelash. Take a nap and relax. Treatment takes around 1-2 hours depending on chosen technique and eyelash style.


Spare few more minutes for blow dry and it's done! Keep extension nice and clean with eyelash cleanser by Couture de Cils to maintain your fresh new look!